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Each month, Versant Physics’ Senior Medical Physicist and host Dr. Eric Ramsay converses with leading experts in the healthcare, nuclear, medical and health physics, and radiation safety fields. We dive into the important topics that make up our industry’s current culture and showcase the impact the field has on the world.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Global Oncology with Dr. John Schreiner

    In today’s episode, Dr. Ramsay and Dr. Schreiner discuss global oncology, the charitable organization Medical Physics for World Benefit and its role in the medical community, as well as the economic and social hurdles associated with providing quality care in low to middle income countries. ...


  2. PET/CT with Dr. David Townsend

    In today’s episode of VersantCast, we sit down with Dr. David Townsend, co-inventor of the PET/CT scanner. The PET/CT scanner, developed by Dr Townsend and Dr Ronald Nutt, was named by TIME Magazine as the medical invention of the year in 2000. David W. Townsend obtained his B.S in Physics and ...


  3. LNT (Linear No-Threshold)

    In today's episode, Dr. Ramsay discusses Linear No-Threshold (LNT) with Dr. Alan Fellman, Ph.D., CHP. They discuss the history of LNT, evidence for the LNT model and the increasing scientific evidence against the LNT model's efficacy, and radiation hormesis. They also touch on the topics of sustainable and nuclear energy ...


  4. Medical Internal Radiation Dose (MIRD)

    This month's episode of VersantCast features Dr. Darrell Fisher, Vice-Chair of the MIRD Committee and a Nuclear Medicine Physicist for Versant Physics. Dr. Ramsay and Dr. Fisher have a technical discussion regarding medical internal radiation dose, Dr. Fisher's contributions to the field of Nuclear Medicine, theranostics, and the importance of ...


  5. Radiation in Space with Dr. Ron Turner

    As we move into a new era where activities in space become more routine (space hotels, moon bases, colonization of Mars, the proposed Space Force) the presence of radiation in space will have to be contended with. In this inaugural episode of VersantCast, our guest is Dr. Ron Turner, an ...